The Heuriger – or Buschenschank, as it is sometimes called – is one of the signature gastronomic cultural treasures of Niederösterreich. Especially in the Kamptal, there are still numerous restaurants run by growers, in which their own wine is served.
A typical wine tavern is not open all year round, but rather for a few days or by the week over the course of the year. The term is: »Ausgesteckt«. This is signalled at the entrance by widely visible (and for better visibility sometimes colourfully illuminated) ‘bushes’ of many branches.
And in a Heuriger, guests customarily drink the »Heurigen« This means the wine of the current
(in Austrian, the »heurigen«) vintage. Of course, people eat at the wine taverns, too – usually cold and hearty (eg the winegrower’s snack that can be found in almost every wine tavern), but also in those establishments that hold a hospitality license, enjoying refined and warm dishes.

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